TRUETIME : association against counterfeiting.

TRUETIME : association against counterfeiting.

Truetime Association was founded in 2009 with the following purpose: sensitize the public to the problem of counterfeiting.

After a long investigation, it has been proved that only few persons are aware of what is the real business behind this criminal activity. The reason is that fake watches (or any counterfeited product) are not marketed and distributed, as any genuine product could be, as any legal product, in the actual market.

Even though today such fake products are distributed worldwide, Internet being the main distribution chanel, you still could not find a shop selling Rolex or Panerai replicas in Europe or on the US continent... (except few black market shops).


Behind such activity, you will find criminal organizations such as mafia, narcotic distribution orgs, terrorists... Not easy to confront, moreover when one thinks that the act of buying a watch replica is only a single innocent act. Yet, 80% of your purchase will directly fall into the hands of a criminal person.

Truetime started its campaign in 2010 with 4 pictures and a video shortcut, distributed on the web via its website, Facebook and many emailings. The showings amount up to 2.000.000 for this last year, which is a beginning, but not enough. The start for 2011 will be more e-distribution and a full page in two languages (English and German) in the 2011 Baselworld special issue of  Watcharound.

If you want to be involved in this "fight", any media of yours is welcome and we appreciate your help.

Fabrice Gueroux

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