"Real & fake watches," the essential book on fake watches

"I'm passionate about collector's watches and counterfeiting casts a shadow over this passion for many collectors," explains Fabrice Guéroux, author of Real & Fake watches*. "Whereas once we took pleasure in tracking down an impossible-to-find part to complete restoration of a watch, we now spend more time "identifying" a timepiece to ensure it isn't one of the countless fakes that the internet has let loose on the market.

"Real & fake watches," the essential book on fake watches

However, my real interest in counterfeiting came when I discovered not only the secrets behind the production and distribution of fakes, but also a criminal element that stops at nothing to reach its objectives."

In this second volume of Real & Fake watches, Fabrice Guéroux addresses the essential questions surrounding this issue. How to tell a fake watch from a genuine one; where they are made; the different quality fakes; how to buy a watch online; how to avoid scams. These are the questions buyers need to be asking, now that counterfeiting luxury goods has grown into a veritable industry. The book, which focuses on prestigious brands, is intended as a comprehensive guide that will enable readers to identify a fake and, armed with this knowledge, avoid the nightmare of inadvertently buying a counterfeit from a private seller, an unscrupulous dealer or online. Richly illustrated, Real & Fake watches sets out in detail the differences between the genuine item and fakes. An essential addition to any watch collector's bookshelf. (C.R.) ■

*Real & Fake watches (Volume 2)
Fabrice Guéroux, published by Watchprint.com, 2010, 304 pages.

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English version
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